Zywary Contest

Zywary Modest Fashion Designers Talent Search

Zywary Foundation is committed to giving back and honoring talent by hosting the ZYWARY MODEST FASHION DESIGNERS TALENT SEARCH. We are looking for new & upcoming designers to share their sketches and designs for an opportunity to earn a stipend for turning your idea or prototype to a product.

The Purpose of the Talent Search

There is large ($30 Billion) and growing interest in Modest Fashion globally, and Zywary wants to showcase the Muslim women talent.

The Objective of the Talent Search.

To provide an opportunity for Muslim women designers in the Modest fashion. We want to encourage the exploration of ideas, trends, expand borders and boundaries in the modest fashion. In promoting a better understanding of modest fashion, we are want creative women to show case how they interpret Modest fashion, from conservative to contemporary all within the bounds of modesty.

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    Chosen Talent will get:

  1. 1. A of stipend (5000 Rupees)
  2. 2. Will see their designs come to life.
  3. 3. Opportunity to increase production to larger volume
  4. 4. Opportunity to showcase for upcoming designers Fashion shows.