About us

Zywary Foundation is a non-profit organisation, which promote the welfare of the community at large without discrimination of caste, creed and race. It's dedicated to Empower women, youths and upcoming designers and entrepreneurs in the Modest Fashion.

Our Story

We had a discussions in mid-2015, about how can take advantage of increasing internet penetration in India to empower Muslim women & youths, in promoting modest fashion via e-commerce through provide them micro-funds. And we launch Zywary.org & Zywary.com to empower them socially and economically.

Our Mission

To provide micro-fund to women, youth, new and upcoming Modest fashion designers. And encourage local, national and international entrepreneurship in the modest fashion/accessory marketplace. Categories to be defined by providing micro/macro support to those with ideas under the category of Modest Fashion Entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

Empower women & young entrepreneurs development, through micro funding in the category of modest fashion. In order to empower and help them to achieve quality life. To cultivate and innovate an entrepreneurial ambiance in the community.


Rushdi Siddiqui
Saifudin Ariff
Vice chairman
Mohamed Abu Syed
Bijrul Hafeezh
Managing Trustee
N. Nadeem
Founder Director, Institute of Design (IOD)
Lion Dr. H.Mohamed Ali
Secretary/Correspondent, Muslim Arts College