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About us

About Us

Zywary Foundation is non-profit organaisation, which promote the welfare of the community at large without discrimination of caste, creed and race. It's dedicated to Empower women, youths and upcoming designer & entrepreneur in the Modest Fashion.

Our Story

The concept of Zywary was come on our chairman Rushdi Siddiqui's mind at one fine evening on August 23rd 2015 at casual meeting with our co-founders Saifudin and Abu syed. To empower women, young, new & upcoming fashion designers in the category modest fashion/accessories.

Our Mission

To provide micro-fund to women, youth, new and upcoming Modest fashion designers. And encourage local, national and international entrepreneurship in the modest fashion/accessory marketplace. Categories to be defined by providing micro/macro support to those with ideas under the category of Modest Fashion Entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

Empower women & young entrepreneur development, through micro funding in the category of modest fashion. In order to empower and help them to achieve quality life.

To cultivate and innovate an entrepreneurial ambiance in the community.

What We Do

Micro funding

Zywary Foundation Provide real 'micro-funds', to women, young and new upcoming modest fashion designers. We believe in Partnership model (Musharaka), we choose the recipient through talent search (The recipient submits a summarized business plan and sketches). The chosen talents receives the fund and product to be finished in 2 weeks and is put on our platform for new designers.

New upcoming designer fashion show

Zywary will provide platform to Young and new upcoming designers, to see their designs come to live, through our event partners. This will empower their life economically. And Zywary platform will provide 24x7 video streaming and virtual fashion show.

Zywary Foundation

An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea

Women Empowerment

Enhance the Status of Women in the society, by creating a culture of Entrepreneurship amongst women

Entrepreneur Empowerment

Facilitate upcoming young fashion designers and fashion academy students to become an entrepreneur and facilitate market support through digital storefronts.


Rushdi Siddiqui
Vice Chairman
Mohamed Abu Syed
Saifudin Ariff
Bijrul Hafeezh
Managing Trustee

How can you help

The subject of empowerment of women has becoming a burning issue all over the world including India since last few decades. Women are playing bigger and bigger role in economic field: as workers, consumers, entrepreneurs, managers and investors. Our Crowdfund to help a women empowerment and ease the financial burden. Check these crowdfunding campaigns to get some inspiration for your next crowdfunding initiative.

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